Avoid Credit Card Cancellations with the WishList Member – Stripe Integration


The WishList Member – Stripe integration is an excellent way to accept credit cards without the expense of a full-blown shopping cart and merchant account expenses. However like everything else it does have it’s limitations. One of the biggest tradeoffs for using this simple solution is that neither Stripe nor WishList Member is setup to […]

Top Three Attributes of Successful Membership Site Owners


Why do some people have successful membership sites (or any business for that matter) while others struggle? I’ve wondered that myself and decided to find the common denominators among the more successful. Over the past six years I’ve worked with nearly 200 different membership sites. Some are wildly successful and others sadly are not. Why […]

How to Get an Amazon S3 Account and Connect it to Backupbuddy

We install Backupbuddy on almost all of our client WishList Member (and other) membership sites, and advise everyone to setup an Amazon S3 account to use for remote backup storage (among other things). Here’s the link to open an account: http://aws.amazon.com/s3/ Amazon S3 is a simple web storage service that gives you the ability to […]

How to change the WordPress Admin Password

I’ve had a couple people ask me how to change their WordPress Admin password recently so I thought I’d do a quick post with step-by-step instructions. It’s a good idea to change your key passwords at least twice a year. David Sparks of Mac Sparky fame always recommends that you change yours when you switch […]